4 Benefits Of Chain Link Fencing

24 June 2021
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Your fencing needs can vary depending on your home's location, whether or not your yard is sloped, how many pets you have, and even what climate you live in. But for many of the different variants possible, a chain link fence can be a good option. Here are some of the benefits you could reap from chain link fencing in your yard.

1. Longevity

Chain link fencing is made out of galvanized steel and is extremely hard-wearing. This means it can stand up to weathering from the elements for a long period of time. Because of this durability, your chain link fence could last for up to 20 years (several years longer than expected of a wood fence).

The longer your fence lasts, the less often you'll have to replace it. Since chain link fencing is both affordable and long-lasting, this type of fence can provide a relatively low per-year fencing cost.

2. Security

Although you'd think a more private fence would be best for security, a wire fence such as a chain-link fence can provide security benefits as well. For example, a chain-link fence allows security cameras to see through it, which means it won't provide cover for vandalism or other security threats. In addition, unlike solid fences, a chain-link fence doesn't provide a surface that would attract graffiti easily.

3. Containment strength

If you have large dogs or even larger animals that you need to keep contained, a chain link fence can provide a reasonable option. It's extremely strong, and its holes are small enough that small to large dogs won't be able to get through.

As long as you have the bottom edge secured to prevent digging and make sure the top edge is tall enough to prevent jumping, a chain link fence can be a solid option to keep dogs safe in your yard. If your dogs try to climb the fence, you can even have a rolling bar installed to prevent this.

4. Storm resistance

Unlike a solid fence (such as wood or vinyl fence material), a chain-link fence doesn't catch much wind. Wind can pass through it easily, meaning the fence is less at risk of damage from the wind. In addition, the fence isn't at risk of rotting from water even if flooding causes the fence to be partially submerged. 

These are some of the benefits you can expect if you install a chain link fence on your property. For more information about chain link fencing installation, design, and other details, get in touch with a local fence contractor today.