Preparations And Planning You Need Before Installing A Vinyl Fence For Your Property

28 June 2021
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The installation of a new fence can be a great way to add value to your home, and materials like vinyl give you a lot of options. Before installing a vinyl fence, there will be some preparations and planning that need to be done. The following vinyl fence installation guide will help with these preparations for your project:

Checking Easements and Marking the Fenceline

Just like with other fencing systems, vinyl fence installations have to abide by the easements set by local authorities. Thus, you need to check if there are any easement requirements before you can begin the installation of your fence. The fenceline will have to be marked according to the easements, and this will be where the fence sections stand. These easements are often required for utility services or to preserve the look of architecture.

Installing Posts to Support Vinyl Fencing Sections

You also need to set the posts for your vinyl fence before the sections can be mounted. Usually, these systems can be installed with square pressure-treated pine posts. If you are going to use wood posts, it is better to pour concrete footings with steel feet to support them. This will ensure the posts don't rot. There is also the option to use masonry pillars that can support the sections of vinyl fencing.

Preparing to Install the Vinyl Fencing Sections

There are also some preparations that need to be done before the fence sections can be installed. The sections need to be installed with hardware that supports them, which may be brackets, screws, and feet for fence posts of some systems. This hardware needs to be installed before the fence sections can be put together to complete the fence line. Once the vinyl fence sections have been installed, they should all be checked again to ensure they are level.

Choosing the Finishes for Vinyl Fencing Installations

The vinyl fencing materials are also going to need some finishing touches depending on the manufacturer of the system you are using. Some designs have post covers that need to be installed and coverings for hardware. There are also options for the post caps that can be installed with your new vinyl fencing system. Lastly, the gates for your fence will need to be installed to finish the job.

The installation of a vinyl fence can be a great investment for your property. Contact a fencing installation service to start planning a fencing project for your home.