Install A Fence To Protect Your Pets From Potential Harm

26 July 2021
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As a homeowner, you may feel confident about protecting your pets in the house. However, you may hesitate to let your pets into your backyard due to a lack of protection. Changing the landscape to accommodate your pets will help you provide them with a safe environment. One of the most impactful changes that you can make is installing a fence around your backyard.


Letting your pets out into a fenceless yard allows them to leave at any time. So, you should create a perimeter around your entire backyard to prevent them from leaving. A solid fence is essential if you own any small pets that could slip through the small gaps between pickets.

When it comes to obstacles, you must decide whether you want to remove them or work around them. For instance, removing a tree may allow you to build the fence along the property lines. A major benefit is that fencing professionals can often organize the tree's removal.


Another detail to consider is the fence's height because you want to prevent your pets from being able to jump over the fence and escape. However, you must pay attention to the local laws regarding the height of backyard fences because a common restriction is that fences can't be higher than six feet tall. A fence this tall should stop most small and medium-sized dogs.

If you are still feeling concerned, you can install coyote rollers as an extra security measure. This feature adds a rolling metal piece along the top of the fence that prevents pets from getting a solid grip when they are trying to scale the fence. Coyote rollers also do an excellent job of keeping animals out of your backyard, which will give your peace of mind while your pets are outside.


Any backyard fence will provide some protection against critters. A tall fence will make it tough for large animals such as deer, bears, and mountain lions to get into your backyard. A solid fence will also do well at keeping small animals such as mice, rats, frogs, and rabbits away.

While small animals may not cause direct harm to your pets, they can pose a problem because of the diseases and pests they can bring to your home. Take note of the most common critters in your area and ask a fence contractor about building a fence that will keep them out for good.

Installing a fence is a reliable way to protect your pets from harm in the backyard. Contact a company that offers fence installation services to learn more.