Why Vinyl Is Best: A Comparison Of Wood And Vinyl Fences

27 July 2021
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You may be in the middle of trying to compare wood fences to vinyl fences so that you can determine which is right for you. This article will help you to compare these types of fences and educate you on some of the reasons why vinyl fencing is so great. 

Vinyl fencing can look just like many types of wood

Whether you want a fence that looks like natural wood or you want a fence that looks like painted wood, a vinyl fence can give you the very look that you want. 

When painted wood gets scratched or chipped, the damage will be visible. However, when a vinyl fence that looks like painted wood gets scratched or chipped, the damage will be much harder to detect since the color will go all the way through the material. 

Vinyl fencing is more weather-resistant than wood fencing

Wood fencing is strong, but it has many natural threats. Even when sealed, time can take its toll and leave the wood susceptible to water damage. The fencing can swell, warp, crack, and rot. If a wood fence is in a hot region, then it can become brittle and cracked. 

A vinyl fence doesn't have these weaknesses and will stand up against all types of weather, including moisture, heat, and cold. It will even stand up better in high winds. 

Vinyl fencing stands up better against pests

Wood fencing is also susceptible to damages caused by a variety of pests. Termites and carpenter ants aren't the only type of pests that can cause damage to a wood fence, but they can cause a lot of destruction to these fences. 

There are also dozens of types of beetles that can pose a threat to wood, including fences. Carpenter bees can cause a lot of damage. These bees resemble bumblebees, but they are larger in size. They will tunnel through the wood of the fence and leave it riddled with large holes and even more susceptible to rotting. 

If you have pests living in the wood of your fence, then you may even find that you have woodpeckers destroying it as they look for food in the form of those insects. 

Vinyl fencing is resistant to all of these types of pests and this significantly increases the length of time you will have a great looking and solid fence for. Not only will it last longer, but you will also have peace of mind and you won't have to devote any time and energy to protecting the fence from such threats.

For more information, contact a vinyl fence company in your area.