Three Things To Know About Aluminum Fencing

4 August 2021
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Are you considering an aluminum fence for your home? If so, it will help to know the following three things before moving forward. 

Aluminum Fence Advantages 

One of the main reasons that homeowners install an aluminum fence is because of the beauty. It is an incredibly decorative material with posts that resemble the look of wrought iron fencing at a fraction of the cost. The classic look of the fencing material will also help it blend in seamlessly with practically any home's existing style. Aluminum is also a highly recyclable material, so when the time comes to remove the fence, all of the material can be recycled instead of put in a landfill.

Aluminum Fence Disadvantages

The downfall of having an aluminum fence is that it is not the best type when it comes to security. It's common for aluminum fences to be shorter and more decorative, which makes it very easy for people to hop over the fence or for animals to escape. Even if the fence was taller, the gaps in an aluminum fence may still be large enough for an animal to slip through. 

There is also no way to make an aluminum fence into a privacy fence with ease. If you want privacy and an aluminum fence, you have to plan ahead by putting in evergreen landscaping behind the fence so that you have some coverage that blocks the view from the opposite side. 

Aluminum Fence Maintenance

There is not much that you have to do to maintain an aluminum fence over the years. In fact, the most that you'll have to do is scrub the material when it is covered with dirt and debris by using a cleaning solution. Just pick your preferred solution, mix it in a bucket with warm water, and scrub the fence down with a sponge to clear off anything that is stuck to the surface.

When an aluminum fence becomes scratched, you can easily fix it by touching up paint to blend in the scratch with the surrounding surfaces. Just make sure that you buy paint that matches the existing color on the fence, and follow the directions for how to prime and paint the surface.

If you have gates with hinges, you'll want to maintain the hinges by putting oil in the hinges and tighten the screws. It is not that much work to keep the gate in good shape for many years to come.