How To Ensure Your Fence Installation Goes Smoothly

9 August 2021
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Have you decided to build a fence on your own, but not sure what you're doing? It will help to follow these tips that will help the job go smoothly for you.

Always Get Permission To Build

It's crucial that you always get permission from anyone that needs to know about the fence construction project. At the very least, you need to get approval from your city so that you have a permit for the fence. If a city building inspector notices that you are putting up a new fence without a permit, you may have to take it down or pay a fine.

In addition, homeowner associations should be notified of new fence construction, since there may be rules regarding what type of fence you can install. Neighbors should also be notified, even if it is simply as a courtesy. You never know if they also have plans to have a fence installed and if it would be possible to combine your efforts. 

Always Call Prior To Digging

Your city should have a number that you can call to help identify utility lines. You always want to have this done prior to building a fence because you never know where those lines are located. Fence holes can be quite deep, and the last thing you want to happen is accidentally breaking a sewer line in your backyard. 

Always Get A Land Survey

Building a fence around your yard means that you are going to be placing it right up against the property line. That's why you want to have a land survey performed so that you know exactly where your property begins and ends. If you do not get a land survey performed, then your worst-case scenario is that the fence is built on your neighbor's property. You'll then run into a complicated situation that involves paying your neighbor for use of their property or paying for the fence to be removed. 

Always Build A Big Enough Gate

If your yard is completely fenced off, you'll want to make sure that the gate you are building is big enough to fit equipment in your backyard. If not, you could end up needing to have excavation done at some point to repair a damaged sewer line, and the equipment can't get into your yard without removing part of the fence. Avoid problems like this from happening by building a big enough gate.