5 Installation Tips For Chainlink Fence Weaves

14 September 2021
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Fence weaves are special products that can turn a plain chainlink fence into a privacy fence. These cost-effective options are quite attractive and can be easy to install yourself, and the improvements to the old chainlink fencing are immediate.

1. Choose a Color

There is a large range of choices when it comes to fence weaves. A silver fence weave is designed to match the color of the chainlink metal, which is an attractive and subtle option. You can also find fence weaves in white, black, and brown, as well as in brighter colors including blue, yellow, and red. You can go with a single color or combine two or more colors to create a pattern, as desired.

2. Take Measurements

It's important to purchase enough weave to cover your entire fence. You can determine how many boxes to purchase with some simple math. First, multiply the length by the height of the fence. This will give you the square footage of your fence. Fence weave products are marked with the square foot coverage on the box, so it's as simple as dividing the square footage of your fence by the coverage of the weave as detailed on the box to determine how many boxes of fence weave you need.

3. Pick a Style

Once you have your weave, it's time to decide on a style. The traditional way of installing weave is on the diagonal, as the slats slide through chainlink the easiest in this pattern. You can also opt to install the slats vertically or horizontally if you prefer that look. Working a small section of the fence in each style may help you choose the one you prefer the most. This is also the time to determine how wide you will make stripes if you are installing multiple colors of the weave. 

4. Collect Your Materials

A couple of tools will make it much easier to install the weave. You will need a tape measure, a pencil, and a utility knife with a sharp blade. The weave comes on a roll, and each package should contain both the weave roll and a set of brass fasteners. Measure out a slat length to 1.5 inches more than your fence's height on the roll, then cut the slat from the roll with a utility knife. You may also want a set of pliers as these can make it easier to pull the slat through the fence chain.

5. Install Properly

Installation is the easy part once your slats are cut. Feed each slat into the chain from the top. Fold the overhanging 1.5 inches of slat over the top of the chain fence, then insert the fastener through the slat to hold it in place.

Contact a fencing contractor to learn more about fence weave privacy products.