Your Fence Can Be A Unique Work Of Art

16 November 2021
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If you have decided to have a fence installed around your home, you may be looking for a unique way to go about things. There are many creative options available to you with regard to your residential fencing, and you'll learn about some options here: 

Wrought iron or aluminum fencing

If you decide to go with wrought iron or aluminum fencing, then you can have the fence customized to achieve the look that works well with your home and landscaping. There are more colors available than the common black option often seen on these fences. Some other colors include white, bronze, beige, and forest green. The fences can have staggered-height spears, circles along the top, or custom embellishments or accents added to the panels. Wrought iron and aluminum fencing also looks great when integrated with brick, stucco, wood, or stone fencing. 

Wood fencing

If you prefer wood fencing, then there are a lot of ways they can be customized as well. There are a number of solid wood choices, and they can be stained to give them the color and shade you prefer. Or, you can have them painted to match the trim of your house or another feature you want it to match. Wood fencing can be solid, staggered, picket, or another style. Wood fencing can even be installed with panels that go horizontally instead of the more traditional vertical direction. 

Stucco fencing 

Stucco fencing is often popular in certain regions, such as the Southwest region. When a home is a stucco home, the addition of a stucco fence can be great. Also, there are ways to customize the fence to give it a look that can really add to the curb appeal and give the fence an artistic touch. Stucco accents can be made and added to the surface of the fence. In the Southwest, cactus and lizards are commonly displayed on the fences. 

Brick or stone fence 

Brick or stone fences can be customized in ways that can make the fence the first focal point of the home that's impressive. Wrought iron, aluminum, wood, and other types of fencing can be worked into the fence's design in many ways. The columns can be designed with tops that have unique shapes or have statues affixed to them. Square or round sections can be left out of the fence to add to its design and allow for you to see through those parts of the fence.

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