Common Types Of Automatic Driveway Gates

24 November 2021
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Driveway gates can improve curb appeal, increase your home's value, and boost your home's security. When shopping for a driveway gate, consider custom automatic driveway gate installation as you can choose the exact gate size, design, and specifications you want. However, to choose the perfect custom automatic driveway gate, you need to understand the different options available. Here are the common types of automatic custom driveway gates to consider.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates move from one side to another during opening or closing. There are two common types of sliding gates:

  • Track sliding gates. These gates open or close using rollers or wheels on a fixed track. The wheels at the lower part of the gate carry the gate's entire weight and slide on the track to open or close the gate. However, track sliding driveway gates require regular maintenance, including cleaning and lubricating the tracks to ensure proper performance.

  • Cantilever sliding gates. A cantilever custom automatic driveway gates installation uses the counterbalance mechanism to open and close. The gate has post mounting rails at the bottom that slide on a tubular track. The gate also has guide rollers at the top that facilitate the gate's movement.

Generally, a sliding custom entry gate installation is ideal for driveways with a steep inclination or driveways with limited space as they open sideways. Most importantly, sliding gates are a good option if you want a high or heavy driveway gate.

Lift Gates

Lift gates open by rising upwards and lifting outwards, making them ideal for less spacious driveways. The gates usually contain vertical rails on the sides that allow for the upward lift. The gates also have support at the top to prevent the gate from crushing downwards. However, note that a lift gate installation requires vertical length. Hence, your driveway should provide enough vertical length for the gate to fit. 

Swing Gates

Automatic swing gates have hinges attached to a post or pillar that allow the door to swing open. However, the gates don't open fully but open at a certain angle to avoid contact with walls, which can damage the gate's sides. Swing gates are usually ideal for spacious and level driveways. Also, swing gates provide you with numerous designs and material options, including wood and metal. Hence, you can choose a creative and attractive design that suits your home.

The common custom automatic driveway gates include lift, slide, and swing gates. Consider these options when searching for the perfect option. To learn more, contact a custom entry gate service.