5 Vinyl Fence Installation Tips

22 February 2022
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Vinyl fencing is one of the more installation-friendly fence options because you just need to attach premade panels to fence posts. There are a few key things you need to know, though, when putting in vinyl fencing.

1. Verify the Property line 

Don't trust any assumptions about the location of the property line when installing a fence. Even if you and your current neighbor are in agreement with an assumed property line location, a future neighbor may not be as lenient. If the fence crosses the property line, they can make you take it down even if it has been in place for years. A surveyor can easily verify the property line location and save you the headache later.

2. Mark All Utilities

 A post hole dug in the wrong spot could lead to a gas leak, electric shock, or other hazards. Prior to digging, you may want to call the local utilities. They will come out to mark their line locations so you can avoid them. You will also need to mark any irrigation lines if you have an in-ground sprinkler system. This way you can ensure no lines are damaged.

3. Space For Weather

Vinyl reacts to the temperature, expanding on warm days and contracting on cold ones. If the posts are set too closely together, the panels may crack on a hot day because there is no room to expand. There should be a little bit of wiggle room between each set of posts so that the panels aren't held so rigidly that they can't expand.

4. Level Each Post

Every post needs to be individually leveled. Check that the post is level in the hole and verify that it is at the exact height. A laser level is especially helpful for verifying that the post is also in line and leveled to its neighboring post. Once the concrete post footings cure you won't be able to readjust the posts, so take time now to make sure they are properly leveled and aligned. 

5. Work In Sections

Don't make the mistake of putting in all of the posts and then hanging the vinyl panels. If a measuring mistake is made, there is no way to make an adjustment if all the posts are already in. Unlike wooden pickets, vinyl fencing is in panels and the size can't be adjusted when errors are made. Install two posts, then hang the panel between them. Repeat for the next panel, and so forth.

There's no need to go it alone, though. Call a professional vinyl fence installation for expert help with your new fencing.

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