Choosing A New Fence For Your Yard Or Property

30 September 2022
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When considering a new fence installation for your yard or property, you need to choose a fence that will meet your needs. There are several fence styles and designs available, and finding a fence contractor to put the fence in for you is an excellent starting point. 

Fence Styles And Designs

A fence is an excellent way to create a barrier around your property to keep pets and kids in the yard while keeping people and animals that do not be long on the property from getting in. In addition, a privacy fence can be helpful if you have a pool or a hot tub in the yard and want to keep people from being able to see into the property.

Privacy fences can be wood, aluminum, or vinyl and have a slatted style that makes seeing through them difficult unless you are right up against the fence and working at seeing into the property. Wood fences require more maintenance than vinyl or aluminum but offer a nice aesthetic, and you can paint them to match the house or trim.

Chain link fences are also commonly used in residential fence installations and do an excellent job of keeping kids and pets in the yard. Chain link fences can also have vinyl strips inserted into the mess to create some visual barrier but may not be as effective as a privacy fence. 

Other metal fences are common in areas where an HOA (homeowners association) limits the type of fence you can use. They are inexpensive fences and often are typically painted steel with openings small enough to keep dogs and kids from pushing through them, but will not add any privacy to your property.  

Fence Installation

When you are ready, you may want to hire a fence installation company to put the fence in for you. Smaller yards like you might see in housing development are easily fenced in, and the installation can typically be completed in a single day. 

Wood privacy fences will often take a few days or a week to install, and if the fence is being constructed from scratch, the contractor may take several weeks to complete, and create any gates in the fence that you need. 

Wood fences are available in sections that are already assembled and the fence installation crew can quickly put the posts in place and then add the fence sections to them. Often there are several styles of prefab fencing that you can choose from, and the if you have the fence sections delivered before the fence installation is scheduled, you can paint or stain them on saw horses and allow them to dry. The fence contractor can then install the sections that are already painted and ready.