A Few Types Of Dog Fencing To Keep Your Pet Safe

25 October 2022
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Regardless of where you live or how much land you have, if you have a dog you let run the property you are going to need some type of dog fencing. You need to ensure your pet is safe from people or objects that may come onto the property but also make sure the animal does not run into the road or chase people. To ensure you get the right type you need to consider your dog, the property, and your budget. Here are a few different types of fencing to consider.

Solid Barrier

A solid barrier is a fence that has its posts close together so the animal cannot see out of the property. This type of fencing is good if you have dogs that get excited or distracted by things outside of your yard. They will not be as tempted to try to find a way out. The fencing may be made of wood, metal, aluminum, or PVC. You can choose the color to match or contrast with your house. 

Chain Link

Chain link fences are a less expensive solution than solid barrier fences. They will contain your dog well while allowing you to see outside the yard. There is very little maintenance required for these fences and they will last a long while. You can choose from a variety of heights to be sure it can't be jumped easily. If your dog is a climber this type of fence might not be a good idea. However, it is possible to get rollers for the top of the fence that will prevent animals from being able to climb over the top.

Invisible Electric

There are two types of invisible electric fences. The first one uses a wire placed underground, around the perimeter of the yard that gives off an electrical impulse to the collar of your dog. This will keep the dog from trying to cross the boundary. The second type uses GPS to send signals to the collar. You can set up the perimeter you want the dog to stay inside and then set the collar. Since you can set up multiple perimeters you can take the fencing with you wherever you go.

Dog fencing is not used to punish a dog. It is used to protect them. If you do not have any fencing, do not let your pet outside alone. In fact, make sure you always use a leash anytime you are not inside if there is no secure fencing.

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